[text reads “Don’t mix canon up with fanon.” Image is Dash hugging a book.]

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Bronies have their own fanon set up, and there are times when they get angry at the show for “ruining” things. Don’t. It’s silly, and you’re not writing the show.

On a side note, not all Bronies/fans will have the same fanon. So don’t argue over those. None of you are right.

This applies to all fandoms. I already touched on the whole “fanon vs. canon” thing ( but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it again.

Fanon can be fun. It’s great to read fanfic, look at fanart, and have headtheories. But it’s extremely silly to hate a character for something that they never did in the actual canon work. Let’s have a real life example. Let’s say that you had a dream where someone punched you. It’d be silly to hate that person when you wake up even though they never actually punched you in real life, right?

So have fun with your fanon! Just don’t mix things up.

THIS. Especially when fanon is the exact opposite of canon. Like when you make a complete badass who does everything himself into a whiny, dependent uke.

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    addressed to: everyone who wont stop comparing the canon episode ‘party of one’ to the fanon grimfic ‘cupcakes’
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    Once again, this applies for just about any fandom in general.
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    Oh god, that one really annoying brony kid in my school (who I’ve mentioned before) used to do this. He would argue with...
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    This is a quality blog and the creators should feel good about themselves.
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    This so hard
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    It’s quite bothersome to me when others claim that there way is canon..when it’s not..
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